My name is Johnathan, and I am the monkey behind Wanderings of a Monkey. I have two major passions in life: photography and travel/exploration.

Growing up, I had to grow in to my hands and feet and that caused a lot of name calling and bullying. It also caused me to become very shy and I withdrew from people and turned to my sketchbook, which lit the fire for my passion for photography, and later, travel.

One day a friend/coworker started calling me Monkey (not out of meanness). When I told him about my childhood and the bullying that I had endured, he told me to own it and began telling me stories of the Monkey King and the name stuck with me (so did a little bit of the persona, which is dorky, I know), but you have to be who you are or else you are just a copy of a copy and that is no fun at all.

So, like my namesake on his odyssey to find enlightenment, I too am on a journey to find inspiration to fuel my passions.

I would like to welcome you to join me in my travels and adventures through this blog. I hope you enjoy the stories and pictures as much as I enjoy living them.