The adventures begin.

Have you ever wanted to be like a great Victorian explorer and explore the depths of the jungles of India? Well, here is your chance (sort of).  Before the new Jungle Book movie, which was released in 2016, there was one in 1994 created by Walt Disney.  This was a live action movie based on the 1967 animated film of Mowgli: Stories from the Jungle Book, which was filmed partly here in Tennessee.  One of the two waterfalls in the film is Ozone Falls, which is a 43 acre natural area in Cumberland County.  The falls are 110 feet of pure beauty with the tranquil sounds of water rushing over the cliffs and the picturesque sapphire-like blue pool at the bottom.  If you hike a little ways downstream, you will think you are in a true jungle with the forest and vines, which, by the way, I don’t recommend swinging from (trust me, I’ve tried and it will only lead to embarrassment and pain). 


Waterfall number two is one of my favorites: Fall Creek Falls.  This vast 26,000 acre state park is located in both Van Buren and Bledsoe counties.  The park’s namesake falls is 256 feet of pure breathtaking awe and is the highest free fall waterfall east of the Mississippi River.  Fall Creek Falls State Park also has the 45 foot Cane Creek Cascades, which was also in the film where Quigley says “You see this sign? It says ‘Danger! To Cross this bridge is to enter the black jungle – the jungle of death’.”  This is probably one of the best scenes, in my opinion, but then again I am partial because still to this day, it is one of my favorite places to travel.  The best part is you get to travel to the “jungles of India” and a prior film set all for the grand total of however much gas you use to get there.IMG_6983

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